Pleasure Wines

A demanding selection

The very select R Café wine menu was composed by one of France’s best wine tasters.

The wines were selected after meeting with many highly committed wine makers both passionate about their region’s virtues and committed to respecting the environment. Wine producers who work both in the fields and in the wine storehouses so as to ensure a wholesome process throughout.

Made up of “pleasure wines”, these indulgent wines will also perfectly accompany the dishes served at R Café. Listed by color and style of wine, the wine menu was conceived to compliment your choice of dishes: light, coarse, fruity, smooth, robust, complex, creamy, full-bodied and fleshy. And for each dish on the menu, an appropriate accompanying wine is suggested. Wines by the glass are also proposed from a unique selection of “new” wines: organic, natural and biodynamic wines. There are wines for all tastes, all of which are reasonably priced…

Get an overview of our quality wines selection.