Our menu


  • Sea bass carpaccio marined with passion fruits, mango and herbs
  • Several layers of slices of tomatoes and avocado with fresh goat cheese mousse
  • Duck liver flan (made with cream), green peas emulsion and smoked ham toast
  • Praws and sesame skewer, served with vegetables and coriander fritters
  • Sliced provençal flat bread with tomatoes and eggplant gratin, marined filet of mackerel
  • Today’s starter


  • Roasted cod fish with olive oil, warm salade of potatoes with herb
  • Pan fried sea bream fish with basil sauce, creamy risotto with white asparagus
  • Roasted duck breast with peach and olives, mini ravioli stuffed with mushrooms
  • Veal chop baked with licorice flavour, pan fried vegetables
  • Plate of grilled season vegetables, diet lemon french dressing and pesto sauce
  • Today’s main dish


  • Thin slice of ewe's hard french cheese, cherry jam
  • Breaded camembert (soft ripened creamy French cheese) served with small salad


  • Curd cheese mousse and fresh strawberry soup
  • Coconut milk cream and pan fried banana with spices
  • Fresh fruits salade with mint flavour and small pound cake
  • Millefeuille (Pastry consisting of several layers of puff pastry toppeed with vanilla custard)
  • Smooth strong chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and crushed raspberries
  • Today’s dessert